Gift boxes

All gift sets $5 off until June 13 for Fathers Day!!!

Build Your own

Fill your gift box with 2 homemade soaps and a solid lotion! Choose between kids, womens, men's, and essential oil options!  

Pick a variety of items for your gift box! Choose one of each solid lotion, soap, and lip balm!   

Step up your gift box with whipped lotion! Choose a whipped lotion, soap, and lip balm to top your box off!  

Choose a Soap, Solid Lotion, and a Beard Oil for a simple men's gift box!

Pick a scent and get one of each soap, beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm! The perfect all-in-one gift for that bearded man in your life!

Pick out items for the perfect night of relaxation! Choose a sugar scrub, soap, and whipped lotion to spoil your friends and family with! 

Premade Gift Sets

Whether you do not know what to put in the box or you are running short on time, let us do the work for you in putting your set together! 

Chose what type of gift box you want: flowery, fruity, essential oil etc. 

Then chose what 3 items you want in your box! 

Soap, Solid Lotion, and Lip Balm


2 Soaps and a Solid Lotion

2 Soaps & Solid Lotion


/ $15

Soap, Solid Lotion, Lipbalm


/ $13

Soap, Lip Balm, Whipped Lotion


/ $15

Simple Man


/ $20

Beard Sampler


/ $35

Bath Set


/ $20

Premade Gift Box $20

/ $15