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FAce & Lip Care

Beeswax- grown and processed in Flasher, ND

Shea Butter

Lard and/or Tallow-Homegrown or locally sourced

Hempseed Oil- grown and processed in Carrington, ND

Flavor or Essential Oils

Essential Oils

  • Lemon

  • Lavender

  • Mint

  • Unflavored

Sweet Flavors

  • Bacon

  • Berry

  • Cherry

  • Cinnamon Roll

  • Coffee

  • Honey

  • Vanilla

Lip Balm

Clay Face Masks

Our clay masks are definitely worth trying! A clay mask is the perfect cap to a long day along with a soak in the tub! 

You can find your favorite routine with your mask but our suggestion is:

1. Wash your face and remove any makeup

2. Mix up your clay mask using 1-2 TBSP of clay mix along with enough water, aloe juice, honey, yogurt, or whatever liquid you like to make a runny paste

3a This step is optional! We encourage you to spread our sugar scrub on your face and apply a warm, damp towel over it and rest for 3 minutes. Then you can rub in the scrub and wipe it off with your towel! (you can still rest a towel on your face without the sugar scrub in order to warm and open your pores before the mask)

4. Apply your mask paste with your applicator or your finger

5. Let your mask dry on your face for approximately 20 minutes

6. Wash your mask of with warm water and a wash cloth (don't worry it will wash out of your washcloth!) 

7. Pat your face dry

Sugar scrub works great before shaving too! Just scrub your legs with the scrub until the sugar melts and shave! 


Which mask is for me?

To soothe irritated skin

Soothe: Clay ( kaolin, blue dead sea), Goji Berry Powder, Lavender Powder, Rosehip Powder, Honey Powder

To moistrize skin:

Thirsty: Clay ( kaolin, rose, red moroccan), Goji Berry Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Rosehip Powder

To help skin glow

Nourish: Clay ( kaolin, french green, bentonite), Matcha Green Tea, Colloidal Oats

To help cear up skin

Detox: Clay ( kaolin, dead sea, bentonite) Activated Charcoal(coconut) , Honey Powder

Cant Decide? Try out our sampler pack! .75 oz of each of the mask types!

Extras: Aloe Juice is availibe for free with every jar ordered! 

Head Wrap- use the head wrap to keep the mask out of your hair

Applicator- Chose either a rubber or bristle tipped brush for a mess free application of your mask! 

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