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Mens PRoducts

Beard Product Ingredients

Each beard product is made of a blend of each of these ingredients. 

Carrier Oils- Each oil was selected to moisturize and promote growth

Hempseed Oil- grown and processed in North Dakota

Apricot Kernel, Avocado, and Castor oils

Butter - Deep conditioner

Shea butter

Wax- Helps add hold to style as well as shine 

Beeswax grown and processed in Flasher, ND

Fragrance or Essential oil

Soap $7
Degreaser $8
Beard oil
    1 oz $13
    2 oz $20
Beard Balm 2 oz $13
Beard Butter
1.5 oz $13
   3 oz $20

Essential Oils Collection


Lumber Jack Blend of Cedarwood, Pine, Balsam, and Mint

Patchouli and Lavender

Fragrance Collection

Bourbon (A spiced bourbon with a splash of vanilla)

Farmer (Bayleaf and Tobacco)

Hunter (Cedar and Pine)

Cowboy (Sweet men's cologne)

Sandalwood (A warm sandalwood with a hint of sweet vanilla)

Barber Shoppe

Ed Hardy


What to get?

Beard Oil- moisturizes with no shine

Beard Balm- shapes and reduces frizz

Beard Butter- moisturize, reduces frizz, and has shine

Beard & Hair Shampoo- moisturize and reduces frizz all while cleaning your beard and hair!

Beard & Hair Conditioner- Deeply moisturize your beard!

Clarifying Shampoo- Great to use for oily hair! *not suggested for beard use*

Whipped Lotion- moisturize that hard working skin!

Sugar Scrub- use to scrub away excess and dead skin

Solid Lotion- use on the driest and most cracked skin! 


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