Half way through the cold snap!

Just like most of the Midwest we are in the middle of a AWEFUL cold snap. In the next 5 days we are supposed to have 8 hours above 0 degrees! It's even cold enough that none of the livestock want to stand outside to eat. I'm very thankful for all of my warm indoor projects to enjoy when it's too cold to work outside ❤️


I am SO thankful to be starting my indoor garden. It's nice to pretend that it's summer when I get zoned into my plants. Don't ever think you can't grow anything! If I can you can!

If you chose to grow an herb grow basil. It is AMAZING fresh and grows well. Mine just started germinating and I can already almost taste the tomato basil sandwiches 😍

My lettuce is growing well too! It will be ready to put in my hydroponic tank next week and we should be having fresh salad next month!


Tonight we enjoyed some Cheddar & Bacon mothered chicken and I would HIGHLY recommend!

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