North Dakota is Cold!

North Dakota winters are meant for pet cuddles and indoor projects!

Our two puppies cuddle up with two of our kittens on this cold North Dakota day

My favorite part of winter is cuddling up next to the fire and working on my website!


Warm clothes and hot chocolate are my best friend <3

This week's temps are somewhere between -15 (-30 windchill) and 27 degrees Fahrenheit! In today's blizzard we are doing minimal outside not only for our protection, but also our animals. We are feeding high energy feeds such as corn with lots of protein from soybean meal and oats to help our 4 legged bundles of joy keep warm in the harsh winter! We are also making sure to keep fresh, non frozen water in front of them as keeping hydrated will help them to remain healthy with the vast fluctuations of temperatures this week.

Home grown meals


We can't just feed our animals well though! Today I have cheeseburger soup in the crock pot to help warm us up after evening chores. I found the recipe on

I made a few adjustments though ;) We are using venison from Justin's buck this fall as well as the dill pickles I canned from the garden and diced tomatoes my mother-in-law canned!

Our To-Do list

New year new look for JML Soaps!

With the freezing temps we have our electric fireplace going and all of the cats and dogs in the house for the day. I am busy working on revamping our labels and website for our new look for 2019! I have found some great inspiration and can't wait to release our new look!

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