Cowboy Solid Lotion

Cowboy Solid Lotion


Cowboy is a sweet men's cologne fragrance it is scented with a complex mixture of grapefruit, bergamont, citrus, and ginger with light hints of patchouli, cedar, vetiver, and frankincense. 

It's a scent to make women swoon! A fan favorite at every show and one of our most popular gifts for men. 


Solid Lotion

Our solid lotion comes in convenient twist-up tubes for a mess-free application! The solid stick of lotion simply melts with your body heat and glides on for an even coat of lotion. We have worked hard to perfect our recipe so that this lotion has non-greasy, deep, long lasting moisturizing properties.


JML’s solid lotion is made with:

Locally raised and home rendered Tallow

                -highly moisturizing

Locally raised and home rendered Beeswax

                -locks in moisture

Locally raised and processed Hempseed Oil

                -long lasting and healing moisturizer

Shea Butter

                -deep moisturizer

Fragrance oil

                -smell goods!


2 oz