Mint Scrub Soap

Mint Scrub Soap


This mint scrub is your regular ol' handy man! The mint essential oil helps to mask odors on the hands and the ground flax from Golden Valley Flax helps to scrub away the mess. 


Goat Milk Soap

JML’s solid lotion is made with:

Locally raised and home rendered Tallow

                -Makes the soap creamy and moisturizing

Home raised Goat Milk

                -Food for your skin!

Locally raised and processed Hempseed Oil

                - moisturizer

Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

                -Turns the oil into soap!

Locally raised Honey

                -Makes the bubbles bigger


                -Helps hold fragrance’s scent as well as provides “slip” to the suds

North Dakota raised and ground Flax

                -Provides grip to the soap to help scrub away dirt


Essential Oils