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At JML Soaps we are working towards using 100% North Dakota raised ingredients. Check out each soap's ingredients label to see where your favorite soap comes from!

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Can't Decide??

order a sampler pack or discount soap and try more types of soap for less money! These soaps are our small, or odd soaps and our mistakes are your gain! 

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Essential Oils Collection

These Soaps are made with certified Essential Oils. Though the scent may not be as strong as those made with fragrance oils, essential oil soaps still yield the benefits of using topical essential oil. 

Fragrance Oils Collection

These soaps are made with lab-created fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are much stronger and make your skin smell great!

These soaps are my pride and joy! Every year I find new ways to use garden produce in my soaps and am loving the outcomes!

Garden Collection

A farmer's favorite collection! We love all of our scrubs to get off the smell and grime of farm and oil off our hands!

Scrub Collection

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