Our herd

Tiger is our "Boss" Doe and had 2 kids in December:  1 boy and 1 girl! They were both HUGE and healthy! We named them Guns and Roses and both are probably going to be replacements in our heard and will live out the rest of their days on our farm


Brownie is one of our most stubborn does! She can spot an open gate a mile away. This year she had a boy and girl; Van and Halen who have to be the chunkiest set of twins that have ever been born here!



Jolene is a very naughty goat! She loves to make new holes in fence and can crawl under ANY fence. Jolene aways has a nice set of twins! These two have adorable spots and cant wait to crawl in your lap when you sit down. 

Spot is a laid back girl who is a very sweet mother. she always takes very maticoulous care of her little ones and was blessed with a little girl that we named Leia.


Red likes to fly under the radar. She is just a very quiet and content goat. Shes never the one to break out and never gets into trouble. She raises some big ol' babies though! red is a fantastic mom who raises great tempered babies like her. This winter she had 1 boy and 1 girl who are both red with white ears.

Opal is such a sweetheart! She is the last daughter that I have of my favorite doe I raised in Highschool. She was a triplet and will have a long, happy life filled with lots of babies here! This spring she was blessed with two babies: one boy and one girl.


Lucky had her babies just in the nick of time! She was almost 2 years old and looking at finding a new home when she finally showed signs of being pregnant! She gave us 2 boys- not only that, but they each had a different father!