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Handmade Haircare Bars

Your new secret weapon for soft, strong, frizz free hair!


Even better for beards!

Ingredient Highlights

Why Bars?

Cocoa Butter

Shea Butter

Silk Protein

Vitamin B

Hemp Seed Oil

Argan Oil


Vitamin E

Aloe Oil

To Use

  • Wet hair and bar with warm water

  • Rub bar in hair 

  • Massage through hair

  • Rinse

  • Feel AMAZING

  • Ingredients- We stuff as much healthy ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner bars as we can! We choose specific ingredients that promote strength, moisture, shine for your hair. 

  • Travel- Bars are great for traveling! They are not considered a liquid so they are perfect for airplane travel- plus no leakage! Bars are also much smaller and take up much less room in your bag. 

  • Longevity- our 3-3.5 oz bars are roughly equivalent to a 12+ oz bottle of shampoo (of course everyone is going to use them different.) the great thing is that its hard to use too much! Since you rub directly into your hair its impossible to accidentally squeeze too much out that you cannot put back in the bottle. 


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