The many faces behind JML Soaps

Our soaps are brought to you by our goats Sandy and Icecream as well as the pigs we have raised as well as those by our friends and family. 

About Sandy and Icecream

Sandy is a Saanen born May 2016. She was bottlefed and has a high demand for attention at milking time! 

Icecream is a Nubian born May 2016. She was adopted by another goat and grew up as a very independent girl! More than attention, Icecream loves her schedule. She will beat us to the milking stand and does NOT like to wait for Sandy to be milked. 


About our oils 

We harvest the lard from our pasture raised pigs or source it from friends and family who raise their pigs according to the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards. 



Thanks for supporting our farming addiction! We are a young couple married in 2017 and just getting our diverse farm started! So far our main income is from cattle and hay but we are learning to raise hogs, chickens, rabbits, and vegetables.


In the future we hope to offer goat milk candles, lotion, and shampoo bars!

As we grow and establish our garden, we also hope to grow more of our own ingredients for scents and colors!

About our other ingredients 

We source our essential oils from reputable sources 

Our oats are from a gluten-free source made in a gluten- free kitchen! 

We also use produce such as cucumber and pumpkins in our soaps that were grown from our own garden.



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