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Soap Ingredients

North Dakota Grown Ingredients

Our milk comes fresh daily from our two dairy goats, Sandy and Icecream.

Both girls were born in May of 2017. They were bottle fed and love the extra attention they get at milking time!

Goat Milk

We get raw honey from Dash Apiary in Verona, North Dakota. The sugar in the honey helps the soap suds up.Our wax comes from American Honey in Flasher, ND. 

Garden Produce

We are constantly learning how to grow and use more garden produce in our soaps! Currently we use Cuccumber and Pumpkin from the garden. But this summer we hope to learn to grow and use mint, lavender, lilacs, rosemary, and even dandelions!

Other Ingredients

Lye: All soap begins with Lye. In the saponification process lye dissolves into the oils and is "used up" so it can no longer be detected.


Essential Oil: Essential oils give a natural, mild fragrance

Fragrance Oil: Not a natural fragrance, but a stronger, longer lasting scent.



We get fresh beef fat from a local butcher and render it at home fresh for each batch of soap! When we butcher beef for ourselves we also use that tallow for soap. Tallow gives soap a very creamy lather that is very cleansing and hydrating.


We get pork fat from the hogs we raise here on the farm. We render it at home and use it in our favorite soaps! Lard give the soap more of a white color and keeps the lather light and bubbly.

Flax Seed Oil

Our flax seed oil is grown in central North Dakota. It is processed locally. Flax seed oil helps soap get larger bubbles.

Hemp Seed Oil

Our hemp seed oil is also grown and processed in Central North Dakota. Hemp seed oil dramatically increases the hydrating quality of soaps.

Safflower Oil

Our hemp seed oil is also grown in Western North Dakota and processed right in Bismarck! Safflower oil is moisturizing without leaving a greasy feeling

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