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Free Soap

Free Soap


I tried a new technique and it did not turn out. These soaps are 100% functional but not pretty. The freeze dried goat milk (from our goats) did not disolve well into the soap and so the bars are speckled with these goat milk spots. 


I am giving these bars away for free so take them while they last! They are all sold naked


These are intended to be a  speial gift to customers- I have had to limit my inventory to one of each scent due to people sandly trying to take all the bars at once. If you would like more than that in a sent send me a message! 



Base ingredients

Goat Milk- from our goats

Tallow- ND raised and processed at home

Hemp Seed Oil- Grown and processed in Carrington, ND

Safflower Oil processed in Bismarck, ND

Honey, Grown in Verona, Nd or Streeter, ND



Fragrance or Essential oils

*degreasing bars also contain coconut oil*

*Contains Hempseed Oil *Does not contain THC or CBD

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