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Gettin' naked

New reduced packaging option for a reduced cost!

Our main goal as a business has always been to create high quality products for an affordable price for everyday use for our customers. Going naked with our packaging is the solution we have come up with to maintain that goal with the increasing input and shipping costs. 

Select products and scents will be available in this reduced package program. Products like soap can be used as is where lotion will come in a baggie and transferred to preferred container upon arrival. 


Naked soap will be wrapped in paper without a label. 


Naked  $4

Solid Lotion

Solid Lotion is sold in 6 oz of small squares

Packaged 2 oz $7

Naked  6 oz $10

Whipped Lotion

Whipped lotion comes in 10 oz baggies. We suggest clipping the corner and squeezing into a sterilized (Wiped with alcohol or bleach)  container. 

Packaged 2 oz $7

Packaged 7 oz $18

Naked  10 oz $20

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