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JML Soaps is dedicated to providing you with the most wholesome- handmade soap for all of your cleaning needs! We use locally sourced ingredients and raise as many of our own ingredients as we can. 

Our Mission

Each order will be packed to order. Here are some rough estimates of shipping costs.

1-10 Items $8

11+ Items $10

Goat Milk Soap

  • Made with Goat milk, home rendered tallow or lard, hemp seed oil and honey.

All Soap is $6

Solid Lotion Bars

  • Available in a variety of scents. This lotion comes in solid bar in a twist up tube. Use your body heat to melt the lotion and spread it on your skin!

All Lotion is $6

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To Marshalltown, IA

Contact us to find out about our next trip to Iowa!

Texas- August 3-6

Iowa- August 17-19


Lori Miller


6261 49th Ave SE

Streeter, ND 58483